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Through our minimal, our aesthetic and functional design make a better place for you. How do we make it come true? The focus and concept in our unique design are to deliver the spacious impression and emphasize on functionality to fit your needs of space. More importantly, the spaces that we create for you is combined with aesthetic elements which bring to you a stylish living environment.

  • Design


    With experience in working on a diverse range of projects from homes to commercials, our designers develop inspired, stylish interiors that combine practicality with creativity. We work closely with clients to ensure that all aspects of their needs are met.

  • Construction

    Our design deliver high quality standard of life

    Clients can relax as we employ our extensive network of suppliers. Our strengths include exceptional building technicians, excellent time management, and effective costs control. The perfection and tactile experience we offer come with unique craftmandship and professionals. 

  • Accomplishment

    Sustainability of Design

    We dedicate our home design beliefs with eco-friendly living from materials selections to the furnishings. In pursuit of sustainability, the design should be timeless in its purpose, its appealing and its beauty. 

Our Services Include:

  • Interior Design
  • Construction Work
  • Design & Build Work

  • Commercial Projects
  • Residential Projects
  • Renovation
  • Developers Design Projects


Alain Wong

Comodo Interior & Furniture Design Co LTD.

After his study in Art of Architecture in US, Alain Wong founded COMODO Interior & Furniture Design to bring minimalist design to clients, in warm, cozy and contemporary style integrating artistry with functionality. The team is enthusiastic for interior design and continuous innovations while project experts furnish high-quality production. COMODO makes efforts in understanding, cooperating and finally presenting clients' needs, and also emphasizes details, materials used and production process.

Recently Alain has won 2015 Singapore Good Design Mark Awards, 2015 Spark Design Awards in US, Interior Beaute Residential Design and Home Products Brand Award 2015, China's Most Successful Design Award 2014 & 2015, 2013 International Property Awards(Asia/Pacific), Bronze A' Design Award 2014 for retail & residential categories, both Golden and Silver A' Design Awards 2012 for commercial and residential categories respectively and 2012 Perspective Awards.